Boutique Nouveau

UI/UX Design, Web Design

Industry: Cosmetics / Lifestyle

An American-Made Cosmetic Company

There are just so many cosmetic firms. There are just so many e-commerce websites and despite both these numbers being so high, developers still end up using one of the few standard e-commerce beauty store templates. This is precisely what Boutique Nouveau did not want. An American-made cosmetic company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, the firm deals in inexpensive high-quality alternative to the status-quo of cosmetic products.



The Task at Hand?

Needless to say that they wanted this to be reflected in their website as well. The firm wanted that their website should have a unique look and should stand a testament to the fact that Boutique Nouveau’s products are nothing less than an affordable luxury statement.

And this is where Blackzoid came into the picture.


The Value Add?

The Value Add
We were tasked with creating an e-commerce store that will work as a support function for their brick and mortar ones. The agenda was to ensure that the digital store solves the problem of increasing digital awareness for their brand as well as help them generate more revenue too.

Well, we did well, and since we wouldn’t want to brag here, feel free to check their website and decide for yourself.