Alive Trend

Branding and Lead Generation

Industry: Fitness / Lifestyle

A Power-Packed Workout Studio

Having a good idea is fascinating. The problem with today’s world is that it is tough to have a unique idea. No matter, how hard you try and think, there will be someone working on that already and there will definitely be one expert working on it. Alive- The New Fitness Trend is a power-packed workout studio based out of Gurugram.

We have been with Alive Gym since the day they started and we helped them not just to establish themselves as a better fitness centre but also got them their clients!




The Task at Hand?

Given how the hip crowd in Gurugram is extremely health and fitness, the number of gyms sprawling in the area is immense. What makes it tougher is that everyone is an expert and hence for the real expert to stand out, it becomes really difficult.

Thus, Alive came to us to get a hang of how should they stand out from the clutter?


The Value Add?

Blackzoid, being the dope agency that it is, however, knows how to brand things well enough so as to make them stand out. We did the same for Alive too. Starting from their logo design, to interior wallpaper designing, curating their banners, standees, certificates, and even their social media presence, we did it all. We have also been actively handling their social media handles and the optimization is such that within the first 6 months of their opening, the gym has a massive social media following and on an average 250 to 300 annual subscriptions keep pouring in for them at barely any budgets spent!