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Industry: Edu-Tech

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At Blackzoid, we have a firm belief that Content is the king and no matter how many updates or algorithm changes come, relevant content will always ensure that one gets the maximum ROI out of their paid or organic campaigns. However, creating good content isn’t as easy and one needs to understand the audience well for the same. Such a concern was being faced by Airtract, an E-learning provider firm.



The Task at Hand?

Given the dynamics of the industry, it was crucial for the team to develop relevant content in a time-bound manner. It was important that the content thus curated was in tandem with their existing course structure and provided a repository for whatever scholastic concerns were raised by their students.


The Value Add?

At Blackzoid, we pride ourselves in the Content Curation domain, and needless to say, we were able to help Airtract too. It has been more than a year since we have been working with them and in the words of Mr. M.K. Niyas, their co-founder, this association is going to go really long!