The Monalisa- More like Coro-NAlisa!

Mona and Lisa both knew that sanitizers were going to be scarce in the time of Corona, so they put on their masks and went about buying them!

Sanitizers were precious, they were their babies, or that is how Mona and Lisa kept them like!

Jokes apart- do remember that we just entered Lockdown 4.0, and though all of us are trying hard to get back to normal, yet things aren’t normal yet! Social Distancing is still very much the norm, and non-essentials haven’t been really allowed yet.

A lot of not so privileged ones are suffering, and while the Government is trying hard to contain these harsh situations, we have our duties too.

So, try not to go out till it is absolutely necessary if you go out, maintain social distance, help your maids and others in need, buy and promote local and finally, be a bit sensitive towards others.

You all must be going crazy, staying at home, but that does not mean that you have to take the negativity out on your social media handles. There are so many negative elements already. So, when it comes to you, spread positivity, read positive, write positive!

Because, at the end of the day, Corona is a bad thing and we need to save ourselves and our planet from it

At Blackzoid, though we work on an on-cloud remote working model, thanks to the nature of our work. Yet as a company, we have been strictly adhering to the guidelines. Our team was asked to work from home immediately after the directives were announced in March. Since then we have been connecting with each other over multiple teamwork software. The efficiencies have been good and this has made us think- do startups really need to invest in infrastructure? Isn’t remote working and periodic collaboration over virtual meetups a good idea?

What do you think?

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