Rekindling Your Business Module With Website Redesigning

by ink of BZ, 19th August 2020

In the days of the yore, people would say, “When going gets tough, the tough get going.” This pandemic has just made a small adjustment to these wise words. One can now say, “When going gets tough, the SMART gets going.” The coronavirus outbreak has indefinitely had a topsy turvy effect on the business modules all around the globe. Covid-19 has shaken the very base of even the strongest of the firms of the economic world. Brand names such as Airbnb and Uber have also witnessed a sudden halt in their business momentum. 

But one thing that this virus could not do was deter the will power of those running these firms. Companies went under restructuring, came out with effective gameplans to redesign their product line but did not cave in. The major point is if they can do it, why not You?

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Adaptability has always been the lifeline of flourishing companies. One cannot go through the pandemic sitting idle, watching the brand value drown, right? So why not utilize this crucial time to redesign the brand strategies and thereby reduce the impact of this pandemic on your business to its minimum value. In times like this, when people can’t actually go out, what is the one possible way to go meet them safely and explain all about your brand or business?

DIGITAL, yes that’s the solution. And in digital, the front face of your brand/business is a website. So, let us deep dive into how you can redesign your website amidst this pandemic.

We have all been hearing about “self awareness” quotes and stuff. But, how to apply those tactics in business, is the real nut to crack. We have a quick q&a for you, based on which we urge you to Self assess your brand, when you consider redesigning your website.

1. What is the purpose of your brand? 

> think of the central idea behind your service/business?

This will help you realize all the necessary tabs for your website and prevent your website from getting a clumsy appearance when you go for a website redesign.

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2. What are the technical glitches/bugs that you are facing in your current website?

Once you have identified the bugs, you can use several of the modern technologies available to eliminate them, thereby making the user experience more smooth.

3. Is your website in sync with the modern-day UI/UX trends?

Not staying up to date with the latest trends in the marketing world will cause you to lag behind in the race. Redesign your website to remain at par with the modern-day services.

To beat your competition in the race, you have to be in the race. Hence it becomes imperative to remain updated with what your fellow competitors are doing. Only then can you take that one extra step, which will put you ahead of all the rest. Keep a close check on your opponent firms. Scrutinize thoroughly the keywords that you are using. Moreover, revisit the keywords that you are ranking for and those used by your fellow competitors.

Next, we come to define Purpose of the Website

Always ponder over this point when you are going for a website redesign. This will allow you to frame the website more productively. Suppose say you want to build an e-commerce firm, and the website is for drawing in your potential customers. In such a case, your main objective should be to ease out the user flow onto your website. Prominent tabs such as “Add to cart” “Abandoned Cart” “Notifications”, should be all easily accessible to your users.

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Now let’s say, your’s is a static business website. So, redesign the website so that the user feels as if they are the central figure of your content or graphics as the case may be.

The Big Mistakes of Website Redesign!

The points mentioned above are easy to understand but difficult to adhere to. There are several mistakes big and small that marketers tend to make while redesigning their website. These include:

  • Do not overload your website with more than necessary tabs and features. Remember, the sole purpose of the website is to help you expand your target customer base. While redesigning the website, keep the layout neat and compact.
  • Set the budget line judiciously. You must consider an estimated cost in your mind of the website redesign and then plan according to your budget range. Thereby you can eliminate those services which do not suit your budget or are of little importance to your business line.
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Hectic, isn’t it? Well, to ease out the load off your shoulder, we at BlackZoid provide dexterous website redesigning services. We only ask you to get on a free of charge brand design consultation session with us, and you shall not be disappointed at all. With a team of designers that are pioneers at website redesigning, we provide value for money services. We do have a satisfied clientele. You can check out our digital portfolio.

Additionally, you can contact us for all your queries and concerns anytime.

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