Living the Lockdown Days- Your Way

With the 21 days long lockdown as announced by the PM on the night of 24th March, everyone and everything seems to have retreated into a shell. In a world as outgoing as ours, it is obvious for people to lose track of how they should lead their lives indoors! What should they do? How should they keep themselves occupied?

The thing is that times like these are rare and since we are privileged enough to take this time as an opportunity, maybe we should do something constructive now! It is said that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Hence why not use this time period to get into a new habit that will further enhance our mental, physical or professional standards. To help you in this accord, we have compiled here a list of 21 such activities that you can go for from as per your taste to develop a new trait.

  • Pick Up those Books! We have all been told to inculcate the habit of reading ever since we were children. Very often than not, due to the hectic work routine, we miss out on reading. You can utilize this mini-vacation to get into the habit of regular reading. Start with regularly reading the newspaper or simply a few short stories. You will not even realize as to when you will get addicted to it!
  • Write it Down: Going hand in hand with reading is the creative art of writing. Writing helps you become more coordinated, and at the same time, it also enhances your creative skills. You may not write essays on the go. Start with a diary entry. Jot down what you felt during the day, what you planned to do but could or couldn’t. You will see that writing is a great way of venting out your emotions and will help improve your emotional quotient too
  • Make those Flowers Bloom: Develop this habit of physical labor that will help you shed some sweat and give your surrounding a serene look. And, you do not have to have a full-fledged garden or even a kitchen garden. Just a few pots that you have in your balcony, work on them and you will find how well the flowers bloom with just a bit of your effort!
  • Relive Your Likes: We have all got some or the other hobby, which often gets left behind in the rush of the office hour. Use this recess period to relive those days and reinvest your time in your pursued hobby.
  • Enjoy the Clean Air: With the pressure to keep people inside and lock down the factories, Coronavirus lockdowns have already paved the way for nature to spring back. You may as well use this hour to get yourself more connected to nature and its colors all around you. You can go to your balcony or terrace and embrace the early morning and late evening moments with nature.
  • Get Creative: Make a habit of recycling waste materials and make the best out of waste products. You can make little things that will be useful in your day to day activities. If you do not wish to invest too much in it, just get an adult coloring book. With intricate and extremely detailed designs, you will not realize how many hours you will find yourself engrossed in it
  • Rule the Kitchen: Everybody loves to eat delicacies. This time buckle up to learn some of the best cuisines that you can prepare for yourself and your family. And since you will not be going out and with Youtube at your perusal, this is going to be the perfect time to let your inner chef out!
  • UpSkill Yourself: With the ever-increasing reach of the internet, you may get yourself into any of the virtual learning classes and can master any of the professional skills as you want. So that course which had been on your mind always, probably this is the time to pick that up
  • Understand and Invest: Read the latest market trends and prepare your investment portfolios. Utilize the time available now to minutely study the functioning of the firm and invest accordingly. This habit will, in the future, help you become financially secure.
  • Love Your Loved Ones: This is one major part of our life that often gets left behind because of our work schedules. Use these 21 days to regularly stay in touch with your family, get to know them better, and rebuild those missed out moments. Once you get this started, it will be easy to form a really close bond with your family and friends even after the end of the 21-day isolation period. Do not while it away on the internet or social media per se.
  • Re-Unite Yourself with Yoga- With the gyms being closed, you may conveniently switch to more conventional means of staying fit and healthy. There is an ample number of video regimes available online that you can watch and get into the habit of performing yoga every day.
  • Go Inside via Meditation– To provide mental peace and solace, you may as well develop a habit of peaceful mediation. It will help you relax and rejuvenate your body’s energy.
  • Skincare Routines- Try to take care of your body. Go for home-based manicure and pedicure sessions. Invest your time in facial and hair routines to help you get back that natural glow that gets lost due to the heavy city pollution.
  • Maintaining a Diary- Writing a diary helps you cope with your emotions and gets you organized better. Develop a habit of penning down your thoughts in a diary. It will also help keep track of your time spent.
  • Cleaning It Up– You need not rant about the lack of time that you get to clean your stuff up. The piled up dust and dirt can be cleared up and then make it a regular habit so it won’t become a herculean task next time. Arrange your stuff well considering that the lockdown will end but arrange it smartly enough so that you do not laze about cleaning them again once you get back to your busy self.
  • Quitting a habit is also a habit- As you can learn a new habit in 21 days, you can similarly quit any of your bad habits such as smoking, drinking, etc. as well. Keep yourself occupied and refrain from indulging in such habits. You will come out a better person after these 21 days.
  • Waking up Early- With no tension of reaching your office at a particular time, make it a habit to get up early in the morning. It will help you get your chores done, plus you have the added benefit of getting those positive morning vibes as well.
  • Vehicle maintenance- Vehicle breakdown is pretty common these days. Give time to your vehicle, look at the minor issues such as oiling and lose screws. Regular and timely maintenance of the vehicle is essential for its long life.
  • Self Defence- Self defence is no longer a luxury but a necessity. You can use this stretch of time to hone skills of self-defence, such as karate. In these 21 days with regular practice, you can better arm yourself. And there are so many videos on the internet, just keep practicing.
  • Stitching- How often have you had to change your shirt because a button came off. You need not wait for some external help to fix it. Learn the art of basic stitching so that next time when you are in a similar situation, you can easily mend your clothes.
  • Brisk Walking- Go to your terrace and invest 20 minutes walking at an increased speed. This is super effective for your health and immunity build up.

So, there you go in these crisp points, we have laid out to you the essential habits that you can develop in these 21 days. So do not say that you don’t know how to pass these lockdown days!

P.S. We at BlackZoid, even after being a web agency don’t get time to cater to our own needs! We are usually engaged in client work and forget to brush up our internal matters. This #lockdown gave us a chance to do just that. Hence, we pledge all of you to understand that —

There is a lot to accomplish and you have been rewarded with some really good time- make the most of it!

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