Building a Brand Identity- The Road to Success

by ink of BZ, 31st August 2020

building a brand identity

When Shakespeare first coined the statement “What’s in a name”, he certainly did not intend it for a 21st-century business enterprise. As per the modern business dynamic, the survival of a firm largely depends upon the branding design applied by the company. It is due to this reason that even the best digital marketing agency deploys a lot of their time in building the brand identity of the firm.

So what does this term “Branding” mean? To put it in layman terms, branding is establishing the identity of your firm. With the help of the marketing agency, the top management of the firm can well establish the vision, the central idea, the themes, and the values of the said firm via branding. 

An ordinary company operates in its vicinity. The success rate of such a company rests on the fact that the company is run by a local person- the owner is of the local community. Branding instills the same trust and fame that the company had earned at one location in another location. 

Say, for example, if a KFC outlet is opened in your area, you would go and grab a snack with the same mindset as someone who is staying in Kentucky, United States (the headquarters of KFC). KFC, as a brand, has secured its image as a trusted food outlet. But on the other hand, if say an ordinary eatery is opened near your house which is not well known in your area you might have second thoughts before going in there. This feeling of trust that you have for KFC and not for the other eatery is what branding develops.

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A brand by the mere mention of its name strikes a resemblance into the minds of the customers, whereas for an ordinary firm, you will have to get in touch with the existing customers of the firm to calculate the risk involved and then proceed accordingly. 

The importance of building a brand identity is several folds. These may include: 

Creditlblty– Proper brand identity makes the firm appear more trustworthy in the eyes of the customers as well as investors.

Advertising– One of the segments of branding entails having a logo or a jingle for your firm. This helps even more when you want to promote your company via advertising. Several kinds of research have had inferences that jingles are catchy and leave a long-lasting impression on the customers. A unique logo can similarly do wonders for your firm.

The Profile of the Company– The branding techniques that you put to use defines the very profile of the company. Hence, it is imperative that the profile must be chiseled judiciously.

Expanding your customer base– With the help of proper branding techniques, a firm can exponentially expand its target customer base. The firm can reach new levels of recognition among the buyers and can expand its reach far and wide.

Building a Brand Identity

The steps involved are as follows:

1. To begin with, you should have a fair and clear idea about your buyers. Run proper checks to know for sure the sections of the consumers that are more inclined towards getting your product or service. This will help you mend your branding techniques in accordance with your consumer’s likes and dislikes. 

2. Similarly, get a track of your fellow competitors of the same domain. You can then ponder upon building a brand identity that will bring out the features of your products as compared to that of your rival company.

3. Prepare a unique logo and a crisp template.

4. While developing your brand identity, always select the tone and words carefully so that you can connect to your audience well. The words should be such that you can later use it for advertising as well on social media.

5. Once done, your job doesn’t end there. You must also keep a proper check and, if needed, timely update it to keep your brand image intact.

So, there you go, that’s how you build a brand identity. You see, building a brand identity is all part of the digital marketing strategy employed by marketing agencies for online marketing of products and services. Looks hectic?

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