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  • Why Your Design Thinking Never Works Out the Way You Plan

    Design thinking, as we know, it is your one sure shot chance of success when everything else fails. It is an ingenious technique employed for solving out corporate issues. This methodology has proved its girth time and again. Digital marketing agencies have made sure that this methodology has stretched itself far and wide and finds […]

    15th September 2020

  • Building a Brand Identity- The Road to Success

    When Shakespeare first coined the statement “What’s in a name”, he certainly did not intend it for a 21st-century business enterprise. As per the modern business dynamic, the survival of a firm largely depends upon the branding design applied by the company. It is due to this reason that even the best digital marketing agency […]

    31st August 2020

  • Rekindling Your Business Module With Website Redesigning

    In the days of the yore, people would say, “When going gets tough, the tough get going.” This pandemic has just made a small adjustment to these wise words. One can now say, “When going gets tough, the SMART gets going.” The coronavirus outbreak has indefinitely had a topsy turvy effect on the business modules […]

    19th August 2020

  • Why do Just 10% Open your email: The Guide to Email Marketing Strategy

    In this blog by BlackZoid, we talk about the various email marketing strategies that should be employed to improve the email open rates

    11th August 2020